In this podcast, we will explore topics from the book in more detail, interview people who have successfully applied topics from the book to live their best careers, answer reader questions and much more.  If you have a question you would like us to address, a topic you think we should explore, or just a comment about the podcast episodes you have listened to, please use one of the forms below to share with us.

Episode 1 – Changing your mindset

We explore how moving from taking jobs to interviewing jobs for your career orients you in a much more positive direction.

Episode 2 – Creating balance to drive job satisfaction

We explore how your unique personal, family and professional capabilities and aspirations influence your job satisfaction and help you to both grow your understanding of them and ability to employ that knowledge to improve your career. 

Episode 3 – Building the right resume

We explore how your approach to building a resume can lead you to create powerful not forgetable resumes.

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