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Episode 1 – Changing your mindset

We explore how moving from taking jobs to interviewing jobs for your career orients you in a much more positive direction.

Episode 2 – Creating balance to drive job satisfaction

We explore how your unique personal, family and professional capabilities and aspirations influence your job satisfaction and help you to both grow your understanding of them and ability to employ that knowledge to improve your career. 

Episode 3 – Building the right resume

We explore how your approach to building a resume can lead you to create powerful not forgetable resumes.

Episode 4 – Interviewing with impact

We explore misconceptions about interviewing and talk about ways to better prepare for putting your best foot forward during an interview.h to building a resume can lead you to create powerful not forgetable resumes.

Episode 5 – Managing Relationship Capital

We explore how to build and utilize your relationships to generate positive mutual benefit and support you in achieving career objectives.

Episode 6 – Effective use of cover letters

We explore the role covers letters play in the job search process and provide guidance on how to be use them to get you in the door with future employers.

Episode 7 – Handling applicant tracking systems

We discuss the role that applicant tracking systems play in the recruiting process and what you can do to make sure they don’t become a barrier to you landing the jobs you want.

Episode 8 – Deciding when to leave a job

We explore ways in which you can confidently answer the question, “Is now the right time to seek a new job?”

Episode 9 – Benefiting from your advocates

We discuss the linkage between advocates and opportunities and talk about how to convert contacts into powerful advocates who will support you throughout your career.

Episode 10 – Utilizing outside support resources

We describe the landscape of outside support resources and talk about when it makes sense to pay for services and how to get the most from your financial investment.

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