Seeking expert support for key aspects of the recruiting process is not lazy, it is strategic. Such support easily pays for itself when it generates the necessary edge or momentum to efficiently secure a job that meets your objectives.

Thoroughly applying every concept introduced in the book could seem overwhelming. Because at any point in time different parts of the book will be more impactful to your immediate objectives than others, it can be helpful to have a seasoned guide focus you on your best path forward. Even when you are comfortable doing the heavy lifting yourself, you may value the guidance of an expert in rationalizing, prioritizing, and polishing the activities you engage in.

We can help you...

Start things right

Review North Star, personal brand statement, personal network assessment and job search plan to confirm approach sets you up for an efficient, successful search

Prepare to wow

Review resumes, cover letters and digital footprint in context of specific opportunities to ensure alignment to personal brand and career objectives while also preparing for interviews thought video reviewed mock interviews

Make the right decision

Build and review analysis of competing opportunities and integration needs in context of career objectives to confirm best path forward and/or frame negotiations as needed

Services We Offer

Planning Support

Identify motivations and career ambitions and develop long-term milestones and near-term actions required to meet career and/or job search goals

Personal Branding

Confirm alignment of personal brand to qualifications and future ambitions and identify keys to conveying brand effectively

Collateral Review

Review resumes, cover letters, digital footprint, email communications, and other written documents for alignment to career objectives and to maximize impact

Network Engagement

Define approach for engaging network in an issues-based way to develop advocacy through mutually beneficial support

Interview Support

Support all aspects of interviewing from guiding preliminary research to mock interviewing to post-interview assessment​

Offer Comparison

Create objective, quantitative approach for comparing multiple offers, planning negotiation strategy, and ultimately justifying decision to move or stay

Integration Planning

Recognize activities to perform and relationships to build to prepare for success once hired

Career Health check

Update objectives and priorities and assess progress toward goals to ensure you remain on track to achieve long-term ambitions

We help businesses too

Do you wish your employees would take a more active role in managing their careers within your organization? Would the company benefit from having its people better understand and more effectively use relationship capital? We can help with customized programs and seminars. Let’s talk about your needs.

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